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About me


As an educator, I have been blessed to serve many different communities in NYC and my home state of Ohio. It’s always been important to me to give back to these communities in every way I can, which is why I began DeLaGrange Clothing!

The logo you see on all of my Collections is the same design you will see tattooed on my wrist. It is a J and D inside a heart, representing my initials and both of my grandparents’ initials. I first designed this as a tattoo after my grandfather passed away.

But this logo represents more than just two letters and the names associated with them… It represents an opportunity to give back to all of the communities I have had the privilege of working with and serving.


This is why 10% of the net profit for each collection will be donated to that specific non-profit or charity.

I will continue my outreach through fashion by bringing awareness to particular non-profits and charities that are close to my heart.


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